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7606 Single Sided Microfiber Hand Glove Duster

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Single Sided Microfiber Hand Glove Duster

This extra plush, absorbent, super soft and non-scratching wash mitt cleaning glove is gentle on your vehicle's finish and delivers an amazing wash unlike any other. Manufactured from two of the softest materials available; chenille and microfiber. Softer than the finest sheepskin mitt with the incredible absorption of microfiber. The ultra-fat spun fingers hold loads of soapy water delivering a premium wash that lubricates the surface while reducing friction. Microfiber house or car or window cleaning washing glove cloth. 

Features :

  • Microfiber Cleaning Glove Large it dusts, it cleans, it shines! Extremely soft, super absorbent,
  • extra strong and durable, this economical cleaning aid is a must have in every home. Fits for Car and general
  • household cleaning, such as glass, flooring, kitchen, hall and other cleaning shops, Laptop & Etc
  • Equipped with elastic straps, the use of comfort and convenience.
  • Wet and dry dual-use

Physical Dimension

Weight :- 300

Length :- 20

Breadth :- 5

Height :- 5