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3697 Unbreakable Air Tight Food Storage Jar Kitchen Container (500ml) (Multicoloured)

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Unbreakable Air Tight Food Storage Jar Kitchen Container (750ml) (Multicoloured)

Keep your food day and safe with this set of amazing plastic containers, you can safely store away your food without worrying about insects, rats or other pests. They are suitable for cereal, snacks, flour, nuts, sugar, coffee, tea, dry pet food, or anything else you may need to store! These Durable containers have been specially designed to minimize space and will easily fit into your refrigerator, freezer or cupboard which enables you to get the kitchen organized and frees up space in the pantry.


  • 100% BPA Free food grade virgin high-quality plastic.
  • Food-safe and hygienic.
  • long-lasting, and sturdy. 
  • Scratch Resistant.
  • Air Resistant.
  • Refrigerator / Freezer Safe. 
  • Microwave Safe(without Lid).
  • 100% dishwasher safe. -
  • Easy to clean. 
  • 100 % Airtight.
  • Capacity of 750ml.

Physical Dimension

Weight (Gm) :- 183

Length (Cm) :- 8

Breadth (Cm) :- 9

Height (Cm) :- 12