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2385 Scratch Proof Kitchen Utensil Scrubber Pad (Pack of 12)

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Scratch Proof Kitchen Utensil Scrubber Pad (Pack of 12)

These kitchen scrubbers are widely used to clean kitchen utensils, household accessories, tiles, wash basins and various other allied accessories. Features: Offer high efficiency. Wear and tear resistant. Long lasting. Premium quality foams and sponge. Water absorbent Durable quality Unmatched quality.

Features :

  • Set of 12 - Multi-Colour Kitchen Cleaning Non-scratch Scrub Sponges for Multi-Surface and Multi-Purpose.
  • Suitable For Cleaning Non-stick Cookware, Pans, Bowls, Dishes, Stainless Steel, Plastic Ware, Teflon, Windows, Microwaves, Pet Dishes, Car White Walls, Car Windows, Bird Baths/Fountain and Many More...
  • Quick Cleaning - Easy Rinsing - Long Lasting -Won't Rust, Contains No Metal - Cleans Without Scratching!
  • Anti-Bacterial Technology, Non-Toxic, Made of Polyester And Polyurethane. Dishwasher Safe.


  • Weight ( gm) :- 1080
  • Length (cm) :- 30
  • Breadth (cm) :- 20
  • Height (cm) :- 9