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2301 Aluminium Silver Kitchen Foil Roll (18 Meter)

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Aluminium Silver Kitchen Foil Roll

Aluminium Foils keeps food your food fresh and retains flavour. This is thick aluminium foil comes with an assured length of 18m. It is useful for keeping cooked food such as rotis and parathas fresh and soft. It comes with a special plastic cutter, which is easier to use than a metal cutter and lasts longer than an ordinary paper cutter.

Features :

  • High quality aluminium foil wrap for your kitchen - preserves warmth and freshness of food for your breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Edge cutter - Ezee foil box comes with the edge cutter which makes it easy to cut the correct proportion of the aluminium foil from the roll
  • Hygienic & safe aluminium roll - Perfect for cooking, baking and packing of food in your kitchen
  • Natural, biodegradable, recyclable, environment friendly