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1645 28 cm Aluminum Alloy Magnetic Torpedo Level Metric Rulers

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28 cm Aluminum Alloy Magnetic Torpedo Level Metric Rulers

The Aluminum frame is strong and precision extruded which increases accuracy and strength of the spirit levels. Rubber moulding is provided on the sides of the spirit levels to prevent damage to the body of the spirit levels. Available in two ranges i.e. lmm/meter accuracy and 0.50mm/meter accuracy to cater to regular and high precision requirements.

Features :

  • Level Made of aluminum siding for accuracy and durability..
  • 3 Accurate measures: the bubbles on this level help your read plumb, level, and 45 Degree angle measurements..
  • Strong magnetic: magnetic into each end of the level easy hold firmly to iron and Steel surfaces..
  • Feature hole: let you keep this securely mounted to nail or pegboards, so you can keep it hung on a wall..
  • Ideal for decoration, home furnishings and related work for aligning, such as measuring locations on a wall, space between hangers, level the nails..

Physical Dimension

Weight (Gm) :- 105

Length (Cm) :- 30

Breadth (Cm) :- 5

Height (Cm) :- 3