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1518 Angle Finder Clinometer Slope Angle Meter With Base

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Angle Finder Clinometer Slope Angle Meter With Base

Slope Angle Finder These angle locating tools offer quick easy to read measurements with 0 to 90 degree increments in all four quadrants. They have there measurements printed directly on the durable acrylic lens. This has a extra-strong ceramic magnet that will easily adhere to any ferrous metal surfaces, and a groove edge to fit on pipe and conduit. The Pitch and slope locator is great for identifying roof pitch stair slope or drainage angles.

Product Features :

Great for Plumbing Jobs
Good for work that demands a strong magnetic contact with pipes for accurate angle identification. This tool is built for durability and easy use with a high impact plastic body in a high viability orange and a clear acrylic lens with easy to read increments in 0-90 degrees in 4 quadrants.

Great for HVAC Jobs
Good for work that requires a strong magnetic contact with ferrous surfaces like ducting Conduit and piping. The angle locator includes convenient metric rule on one edge and English rule on the other.

Great for Electrical Jobs
Good for work that demand a strong magnetic contact with conduit Its V grooved edge accommodates pipe and conduit it also features an extra strong permanent ceramic magnet.

Made with a Strong Magnet
This strong durable tool. It truly belongs in all Plumbers, Electricians, and HVAC, tool boxes

Magnetic Protractor/Angle Locator
High Impact Moulded Body.
Easy to Read Increments Read 0-90 Degrees Printed on a Durable Lens.
Extra Strong Ceramic Magnet Adheres to Ferrous Metal Surfaces.
Groove Edge fits on Pipe and Conduit.